Australian Shepherds


Australian Shepherds


Here at Lakefork we strive to raise an absolutely beautiful and loyal companion animal that will Pepper & Friendremain a healthy and happy family member for years to come.  Some of our dogs go to the show pen to compete in agility, herding, obedience, or conformation, some become 4-H dogs, and some are daily companions to their families.  They lie at their owner’s feet while they read and patiently listen to problems and trials of everyday life.  Others go to work every day moving stock at working farms and ranches.  What ever their purpose, it is important that they are part of a family.  Whether it is a family of one or ten doesn’t matter, they just don’t thrive in a pen out back.  


We love our dogs and are thankful every day for theGinger - Trace x Ruby friends they have brought us.  Some of those friends come back to the farm and visit, others are far away and we visit through emails and pictures, all are important.


If you can offer a family for one of our pups, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.  We don’t normally raise a lot of pups, but do have some available periodically throughout the year. 


Judy & Gordon


MACH Kayla Chet x Bonnie

MACH Kayla
Congratulations to Karen & Kayla on earning Kayla's MACH!